Whether insurance paperwork is something you understand or something that baffles you, one thing is true: it takes up time that can be better spent doing other things. 


Call us to get started.  After initially setting up an account, you email or fax your patient claim information directly to us.  We deal with all contacts to insurance companies, including checking and explaining benefits, submitting claims, following-up on claim problems (up to 3 contacts), and tracking processing. EOBs and checks go directly to you.


Traditional Billing Plan - the fee for this plan is a percentage of your collections, based on the contracted or allowed amount. Only successful claims are charged for, and our goal is to have 100% successful collections.

 A la Carte Services -

         Benefits and eligibility check with full explanation specific to mental health services

         Credentialing: Private Insurers, Medicare, Medicaid

         Electronic Funds Transfer Enrollment

         CAQH set up

      Need other services? Just call us to discuss. We welcome questions,

Are you aware of our unique service of processing out-of-network claims directly for patients?